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Tablet #2

2011-11-22 20:39:54 by TheUnderCake

I got it! I got my tablet! its a bamboo pen tablet and the work space is 6x9. Its also extremely accurate! Expect more projects as well!

Ive already started a new project called "texting". it will be my first serious animation.


2011-11-17 19:56:03 by TheUnderCake

In recent months, i've contemplated getting a tablet, and im going to recieve mine on the 20th! I will be super fucking ACTIVE ON NEWGROUNDS YEAH!!!


2011-09-19 22:53:49 by TheUnderCake

Dont worry, just because a drew a nude picture ONCE doesnt mean my animations or future art will be the same. I still do random stupid crap that no-one likes :)


Sup everyone!?

2011-08-14 01:54:35 by TheUnderCake

I am back and better than EVER! expect better and longer animations from me, and sorry if i couldnt get back to someone! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sup everyone!?

New upcoming project!

2011-02-16 00:53:53 by TheUnderCake

Im making a project involving tank men. IT COMES OUT WHEN I SAY SO BITCH! :D well, be patient and check out other authors' works while you wait!

New upcoming project!